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2013 C Class Cup : The first French C Class Catamaran Event
May 22nd-26th, 2013, Quiberon,France

Quiberon, FRA (December 19th, 2012) – At the 2012 International Boat Show in Paris, Challenge France, the French challenger for the 2013 International C Class Catamaran Championship (ICCCC) in partnership with the French National Sailing Centre (Ecole Nationale de Voile et des Sports Nautiques – ENVSN), announced details about the C Class Cup, the first French C Class Catamaran sailing event.

The C Class Cup will take place at the ENVSN – Saint-Pierre-Quiberon, France, from 22nd to the 26th of May 2013. Four sailing teams already registered for the C Class Cup including Swiss team HYDROS lead Jérémie Lagarrigue, the French Groupam team with Franck Cammas and the French Challenge France team with Karine Fauconnier and Gwénolé Gahinet.

The event lasting four days will include the distinct racing formats: Fleet Races, Match Racing and Speed Matches. It will be a unique opportunity for the teams to compete, train and see how their boats measure up in the same sort of environment that they will encounter during the ICCCC, the class’s world championship in Falmouth, UK in September 2013.

The C Class Cup promises to be an important event in the spring of 2013. To support the promotion and organization of the C Class Cup, the organization is seeking a title sponsor and technical partners.

Quote from Steve Clark : Chairman of the International C-Class Catamaran Association

“France has been at the vanguard of multihull development for many years, yet has been absent from the C Class competition which has always been the most advanced multihull class […]. We hope this regatta is the start of a new union between the French passion for speed and development with the C Class which has been the principle proving ground for new multihull technology.”

About the C-Class Cup
22nd to 26th of May 2013
Where : Ecole Nationale de Voile et des Sports Nautiques (ENVSN)
Beg Rohu – 56510 Saint-Pierre-Quiberon – France
Website: www: http://www.CClassCup.com

About the C-Class Catamaran:

The International C Class Catamaran Championships (IC4) hosted at New York Yacht Club in Newport, RI from August 22-28, 2010. The IC^4 is the successor to the Little America’s Cup as the championship event for the C class catamarans.   Racing begins w

Fred Eaton and Magnus Clarke of aboard Can 9 “Canaan” at the 2010 ICCCC in Newport, RI. Photo © Christophe Launay

The C Class Catamaran is a very Open Class: The boat has to be a catamaran, with a 27.87 mÇ max sail surface (300 square feet), a 7.62 m max length (25 feet), 4.267 m max width (14 feet) and a crew of two. This Class has been one of the most open and innovative over the past few years. Among the recent One Design trends, the C Class remains the most innovative from a design and technological perspective, strengthening the interest of the boat and encouraging sailing enthusiasts from around the world to compete.

As an example, whereas wingsails only recently appeared in the America’s Cup with the AC45 and AC72 catamarans, wingsails have equipped C Class Catamarans since 1972.

About Challenge France:
Challenge France team comprises Karine Fauconnier, Gwenolé Gahinet, Hervé Penfornis and Benjamin Muyl. The team has been training at the ENVSN, on Quiberon Bay for 18 months with Patient Lady VI, a legendary C Class Catamaran. Challenge France has been backed by ABM Manutention since July 2012. The team is still looking for additional partners and sponsors to continue ongoing developments and in particular to start the construction of a new generation of C Class Catamaran for the 2013 program.

website: http://www.ChallengeFrance.fr

About the Ecole Nationale de Voile et des Sports Nautiques (ENVSN)

The French National Sailing Centre (Ecole Nationale de Voile et des Sports Nautiques) is a major historical player in the world of French sailing and has been involved in all areas of sailing as a sport: training, education and competitions. This centre is defined as a centre of excellence in France and is one of the key assets for the French Sailing Federation (Fédération Française de Voile) for the training of top class athletes for the Olympics, Paralympics, and inshore sailing events, including Match Racing.

Address: Ecole Nationale de Voile et des Sports Nautiques
Beg Rohu – 56510 Saint-Pierre Quiberon – France

website: http://www.envsn.sports.gouv.fr/

By Nicolas Felix

Some More C-Class Art

More photos courtesy of ClarkSail photographer Sam Moore. He’s not your average photographer, he’s an artist.

USA 105 "Aethon"

USA 105 “Aethon”


C-Class teams at the last ICCCA meeting in November

C-Class teams at the last ICCCA meeting in November. Photo © ClarkSail

With all the recent buzz surrounding the C-Class catamaran, including news that both Franck Cammas and Michel Desjoyeaux have entered the class, there is some confusion in the sailing world regarding exactly which team is which and what team is building what. ClarkSail provides a brief summary of all the existing C-Class teams and what their plans are going forward.

The United States –
The Cogito Project”

The standard bearer of American C-Class sailing since 1996 Steve Clark’s team has USA 105 “Aethon” fully functional while USA 104 “Cogito” is moving toward the water. The 104 spar that was destroyed in 2010 has been stitched back together and is currently being detailed at Guck Inc. Meanwhile Clark is also considering altering the surfaces on the 105 wing during the winter. Barring setbacks both boats will compete in Falmouth in 2013.

Canada –
Team Canada”

Fred Eaton’s squad, having sold CAN 4 “Alpha” to France still has the defending champion CAN 6 “Canaan” fully functional and prepared for Falmouth. The platform for CAN 7 “Fill Your Hands” is finished as are designs for a new wing. The team is contemplating building a new wing over the winter.

Switzerland –

The swiss team is currently in the midst of two builds, one of which will be a foiler built using L’Hydroptere technology. The first set of hulls are already out of the mold at least one of the swiss boats will be sailed in Quiberon, France in May at the 2013 C-Class Cup. The team plans to race both boats in Falmouth and expects to be in England as early as July for training.

Italy –
“Challenge Italia”

Roberto Grippi’s group based in Palermo, Sicily intend to build four platforms with the first hitting the water in January and the second in March. At least two of the Italian boats will be sailed in Falmouth, one by Luna Rossa’s Francesca Bruni, with a third possibly sailed by another Italian group that are high on enthusiasm but currently low on funding.

France –

“Challenge France” – Sponsored by ABM Manutention Benjamin Muyl’s program Challenge France has been sailing “Patient Lady VI” for the past two summers and are pursuing sponsorship for their next generation C-Class build.

“Franck Cammas Racing” – Partially backed by Groupama, Frank Cammas Racing has acquired CAN 6 “Alpha” from the Canadians and plans to race in both Quiberon and Falmouth. Construction of their own design is currently under way and Cammas expects to be ready for the water in plenty of time for Quiberon.

“Mer Agitee” – Michel Desjoyeaux’s squad has also announced it’s entry into the class. Having already developed their wing prototype and tested them aboard Nacra 18’s the build is already well in progress. Desjoyeaux has not committed to the Quiberon event but expects to be ready in more than enough time for Falmouth.

England –
“Team Invictus” –
 The longest standing C-Class team outside of the United States, the British are currently having their new wing constructed at a Portuguese shop in Cascais in exchange for their wing design. The team plans to use their existing Invictus platform in Falmouth with a new wing and foil set.



The C-Class Catamaran was already experiencing unprecedented growth in Europe before Benjamin Muyl  made waves at the Paris Boat Show by announcing the “C-Class Cup” to be held this spring in Quiberon, France. Confirmed challenges from Switzerland’s HydrosItaly’s Challenge Italia, and France’s own Challenge France, who all intend to be in Falmouth in September for the International C-Class Catamaran Championship,  already represented more activity on the continent than the C-Class had ever experienced. However Muyl’s announcement brought even bigger news with it – ocean racing stars Franck Cammas of Groupama and Michel Desjoyeaux of Mer Forte have both confirmed their participation in the C-Class. These two new French groups makes three C-Class teams in France alone along with teams from Switzerland, Italy, England, and a rumored group from Portugal. One has to wonder if Muyl knew that announcing the first ever C-Class event on French soil would create such an explosion.

“France has been the vanguard of multihull development for many years yet has been absent from the C Class competition which has always been the most advanced multihull class,”  said C-Class Chairman Steve Clark. “While always attentive to the development, the French have not participated.  We hope this regatta is the start of a new union between the French passion for speed and development with the C Classwhich has been the principle proving ground of new multihull technology.” They are certainly participating now holding an International C-Class event in Europe for the first time since 1970.

In November when Muyl first brought the idea of an event in Quiberon to the ICCCA (International C-Class Catamaran Association) it was initially intended as a training opportunity for the new European squads. The groups from the continent are, after all, brand new to the class and the chance to race against other C-Cats before heading to Falmouth would have been beneficial to everyone. Now with Cammas, Hydros and Challenge France already entered the event has quickly become something more. Three boats are already confirmed – one of Hydros’ planned two new builds, Challenge France in “Patient Lady VI” and Cammas likely aboard Alpha, which his group acquired from Fred Eaton’s Team Canada in October. Desjoyeaux and Challenge Italia have yet to commit but both will likely be sorely tempted, meanwhile rumors continue to surface from Portugal where England’s Team Invictus are having their wing constructed.

The event, hosted in Quiberon France, Challenge France’s base of operations, will run May 22-26th with anywhere between three and six boats arriving on the line. Truly the C-Class is undergoing a major renaissance on the Europe. The French are at the Vanguard, but the sickness is spreading fast. Hydros’ Jeremie Lagarrigue casually tossed around the idea of a 2015 Swiss event at the C-Class Summit in November, and with names like Cammas and Desjoyeaux on board the class may finally have the momentum to make such things reality.

Muyl expects to publish and english press release detailing the Quiberon event in immediate future. Stay tuned to ClarkSail for further updates or visit the C-Class Cup website.


Oliver C-Class

Photo © ClarkSail

News recently came in from Benjamin Muyl of Challenge France that ocean racing star Michel Dejoyeaux of Mer Forte intends to challenge for the International C-Class Catamaran Championship in Falmouth, England next September. With Desjoyeaux now in the fold along with Challenge France and a third anonymous French group reportedly having purchased Alpha from Fred Eaton’s Canadian Team, the C-Class Catamaran is suddenly undergoing a major renaissance in continental Europe.

At the C-Class summit in mid November Muyl officially announced Challenge France’s intention to hold a C-Class European Championship of sorts in Quiberon, France this coming May. Such an event is frankly unprecedented. After all, while the United Kingdom has a long and rich history with the C-Class, with different British squads winning and holding the trophy formerly known as the “Little America’s Cup” innumerable times, C-Class activity in continental Europe has been slim to none during the past fifty years. The only International C-Class event in living memory to take place on European soil, or water if you prefer, came in 1970 when Denmark’s “Sliepner” lost to Australia’s “Quest III.” Since then continental Europe has only ever been sporadically involved at the best of times. Yet today there are at least two challenges confirmed from France, one from Switzerland and Italy, and with an international event scheduled on European soil further rumors are surfacing from other groups in France, Italy and even Portugal. Clearly something has shifted in Europe and one has to wonder if Challenge France knew what they were doing when they set off this powder keg.

Europe has long been at the forefront of multihull development yet the C-Class has rarely featured on the continent in any way. Italy had some brief involvement in the late ’70s and early ’80s, but their boats “Miss Lancia” and “Signor G” were never able to get the best of the Patient Lady team lead by Tony DiMauro and Duncan MacLane, losing first to “Patient Lady IV” and then twice to Patient Lady “V” between 1978 and 1982. Switzerland on the other hand has never participated in the C-Class making the two boats Hydros plans to build the first Swiss boats ever. Meanwhile France itself has only every competed in C-Class once, that coming in 1991 when France’s “Otip” lost the right challenge Australia’s “Edge III” when they capsized during trials with America’s “Freedom’s Wing.” Now the nation is issuing as many as three separate challenges, and with a star like Desjoyeaux in the fold and an international event on home soil one has to wonder what may be next.

“Having teams like Michel’s join the C-Class game is great,” Muyl told ClarkSail directly after breaking the story. “Our team (Challenge France) has been sailing in Quiberon for 18 months thank to our sponsor ABM Manutention and their support of our boat ‘Patient Lady VI.’ We are looking for other partnerships so that we can start building our next generation C-Class and having a name like Michel’s involved will definitely show sponsors that there is growing exposure and potential in this class.”

Growing potential may be a vast understatement when one considers how far the C-Class has come in such a short period of time. In 1996 Steve Clark’s “Cogito” brought the trophy then known as the “Little America’s Cup” back to the United States. “Cogito” then sat in a container for eight years without a challenge. The fastest course sailing boat in the world not named “Stars and Stripes” sitting in the backyard with no one to play with. Now with the restrictive nationality rules removed from the class, allowing boats to be bought and sold between nations and thus encourage class growth, the C-Class is positively exploding. Desjoyeaux is not the only big name in Europe getting in on the fun as his team also includes well known speed demon Denis Juhel and Francesca Bruni of Luna Rossa will reportedly be at the helm for Challenge ItaliaThis is frankly more C-Class activity than has ever happened in Europe and it is happening all at once.

A press release from Challenge France containing all the details of the Quiberon event is expected by the end of the week. The event is scheduled to run from May 22nd-26th with at least four boats expected to participate.